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Staff and Postdoctoral Fellows


Parviz Moin   (650) 723-9713

Former Postdoctoral Fellows, Staff & Visiting Scholars

Research Associates

Name Research Area(s) Email Phone (650)
Dr. Javier Urzay Chemically-reacting flows (combustion and plasmas); multiphase flows (sprays and viscous hydrodynamics of soft matter). 723-9286

Postdoctoral Fellows

Michael Emory Uncertainty Quantification of numerical simulations of turbulent flows 725-2085
Mahdi Esmaily- Moghadam Direct nemerical simulation of particle laden flows 736-4013
Gianluca Geraci Numerical schemes for conservation laws, uncertainty quantification (intrusive and non-intrusive), global sensitivity analysis, robust design under uncertainty. 723-9286
Philipp Hack Computational and theoretical studies of transitional flows, stability analysis, optimization, machine learning. 723-8476
Lluis Jofre-Cruanyes Numerical Methods for computational fluid dynamics and multiphysics 723-9286
Elif Karatay Experimental and Numerical Nonlinear Electrokinetic Instability and Hydrodynamic Chaos near Charged Interfaces 723-2330
Jeonglae Kim Adjoint-based control optimization for turbulent flows; Combustion-induced noise 721-6569
Mehdi B. Nik Large eddy simulation of turbulent reacting flows; Modeling and simulation of multiphase flows 721-6569
George Park Wall-modeled large eddy simulation of complex flows, subgrid-scale modeling in particle laden turbulent flows 736-0900
Mona Rahmani Numerical simulations of particle-laden flows, environmental fluid mechanics, mixing and turbulence 723-4220
Yee Chee See Combustion Modeling 723-4220
Laura Villafane Experimental fluid mechanics and heat transfer; particle-laden turbulent flows; radiative heat transfer; transonic aerodynamics. 723-9311

Senior Fellows & Visiting Scholars

Name Research Area(s) Email Phone (650)
Dr. Frank Ham  
Prof. Javier Jimenez Sendin  
Prof. Thierry Poinsot