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Date and Time: 
Friday, August 12, 2022 - 08:00 to 17:00
Bishop Auditorium (1st Floor) 518 Memorial Way Stanford, CA 94305
Event Sponsor: 
Parviz Moin, Director of Center for Turbulence Research

7:30 AM Breakfast

8:30 AM Introduction: Parviz Moin

Coordinator(s): Shahab Mirjalili and Suhas S. Jain

8:50 AM Supercritical Miniaturization of Wall-Bounded Turbulence Physics-compatible simulations & data-driven dimensional analysis
Authors: Lluís Jofre Cruanyes and Marc Bernades (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech)
Host: Kazuki Maeda

Improving volume-averaged multiphase flow models using LES of particle nozzles
Author: Magnus Vartdal (Norwegian Defense Research Establishment)
Hosts: Perry Johnson, Sanjeeb Bose and Suhas S. Jain

Towards accurate and robust diffuse interface methods for compressible multiphase flows with phase change
Authors: Luca Brandt (Royal Institute of Technology / Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Marica Pelanti (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Avancees), and Nicolo Scapín (Royal Institute of Technology)
Hosts: Shahab Mirjalili, Suhas S. Jain and Wai Hong Ronald Chan

An Advection-Diffusion-Reaction (ADR) Model for Self-Disturbance Correction in Point-Particle Spray Computations
Author: Sourabh V. Apte (Oregon State University)
Hosts: Perry Johnson, Makrand Khanwale, Suhas S. Jain and Lucy Brown

A Dual-Scale Sub-grid Closure for LES of Phase Interfaces with Phase Change
Authors: Marcus Herrmann and Austin Goodrich (Arizona State University)
Hosts: Wai Hong Ronald Chan and Makrand Khanwale

Lagrangian SGS Stochastic Modeling-Based Approach Applied to Evolving Firebrand Particle Transports in an LES Framework
Authors: Neda Yaghoobian and Iago Dal-Ri dos Santos (Florida State University)
Hosts: Brett Bornhoft, Suhas S. Jain, Perry Johnson and Ali Mani

Development of multiscale techniques for analyzing clustering in particle laden turbulence, including tools from machine learning
Authors: Kai Schneider (Aix-Marseille University), Keigo Matsuda (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), and Thibault Oujia (Aix-Marseillle University)
Hosts: Kazuki Maeda, Jacob Roy West and Suhas S. Jain

Direct kinetic simulation and analysis of plasma turbulence
Author: Wai Hong Ronald Chan (University of Colorado)
Hosts: Ken Hara, Jonathan Wang, Shahab Mirjalili and Suhas S. Jain

9:50 AM Further Discussion



10:30 AM I. Data-Driven Methods
Coordinator(s): Peter Schmid and Christopher Williams

10:35 AM Data-driven reduction of lookup-libraries for the simulation of non-equilibrium effects in hypersonic flows
Authors: Peter Schmid (KAUST), Georgios Rigas (Imperial College London), Taraneh Sayadi, and Clement Scherding (Sorbonne University)
Hosts: Christopher Williams and Mario Di Renzo

Frequency-domain data-driven closures for turbulent flows
Author: Georgios Rigas (Imperial College London)
Host: Gianluca Iaccarino

Physics-constrained autoencoders for the prediction of extreme events
Authors: Luca Magri (Imperial College London / The Alan Turing Institute) and Nguyen Anh Khoa Doan (Delft University of Technology)
Hosts: Charlelie Laurent, Kazuki Maeda, and Shahab Mirjalili

Extending Resolvent Analysis to Time-Dependent Turbulent Flows
Authors Brian F. Farrell (Harvard University), Petros J. Ioannou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Eojin Kim (Harvard University), and Marios-Andreas Nikolaidis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
Hosts: Adrián Lozano-Durán and Jane Bae

Adaptive Resolvent Analysis
Authors: Salvador Gomez (California Institute of Technology), Beverley McKeon (California Institute of Technology), and Peter Schmid (KAUST)
Hosts: Christopher Williams and Mario Di Renzo

11:15 AM Further Discussion

11:25 AM II. Modeling Turbulence and Transition Using Data –Driven Approach
Coordinators: Adrián Lozano-Durán and Kevin Griffin

11:30 AM Wall-modeled LES based on information-preserving principles and building-block flows
Authors: Adrián Lozano-Durán, Emily Williams, Yuenong Ling, and Gonzalo Arranz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Hosts: Kevin Griffin and Konrad Goc

Modal analysis informed, wall model integrated large-eddy simulation and its application to flows with pressure gradients
Authors: Mahdi Abkar, Christoffer Hansen, Aurelien Vardot (Aarhus University), and Xiang Yang (Pennsylvania State University)
Hosts: Michael Whitmore and Kevin Griffin

Wall-modelling of turbulent flows over a periodic hill using multi-agent reinforcement learning
Authors: Di Zhou and Jane Bae (California Institute of Technology)
Hosts: Michael Whitmore and Kevin Griffin

Fast macroscopic forcing for operator recovery via locality and causality with application to compressible and multiphase flow
Authors: Spencer H. Bryngelson and Florian Schäfer (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Hosts: Jessie Liu and Ali Mani

Resolvent analysis & AI-based prediction of boundary-layer transition with roughness
Authors: Olaf Marxen (University of Surrey), Athanasios T. Margaritis (Imperial College London), and Peter Schmid (KAUST)
Hosts: Gianluca Iaccarino and Tim Flint

12:10 PM Further Discussion

12:20 PM LUNCH


1:40 PM I. Turbulence Fundamentals
Coordinator(s): Perry Johnson and Sanjiva Lele

1:45 PM Comparison of the Genesis and Dynamics of Reynolds Shear Stress within Boundary Layer Transitional Spots and Near-Wall Developed Turbulence
Authors: James Wallace (University of Maryland) and Adrián Lozano-Durán (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Host: Ahmed Elnahhas

An Angular Momentum Integral Equation for High-Speed Boundary Layers
Authors: Perry Johnson and Armin Kianfar (University of California, Irvine)
Hosts: Ahmed Elnahhas, Mario Di Renzo and Christopher Williams

High-enthalpy effects in a turbulent boundary layer over a hypersonic compression ramp
Authors: Mario Di Renzo (Centre Europeen de Recherche et de Formation Avancee en Calcul Scientifique) and Sergio Pirozzoli (Sapienza University of Rome)
Host: Christopher Williams

Analysis of the Turbulent Boundary Layer over a Compliant Surface
Authors: Kourosh Shoele (Florida State University - Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University) and Al Shahriar (Florida State University)
Hosts: Rahul Agrawal and Wen Wu

Coherent turbulent structures of cyclonic winds in hurricane landfalls via large-eddy simulations
Authors: Mostafa Momen and Fateme Sabet Sarvestani (University of Houston)
Hosts: Paul Ro Yi and Leif N Thomas

2:25 PM Further Discussion

2:35 PM II. Turbulence Fundamentals - Applications
Coordinator(s): Rahul Agrawal and Daniel J. Bodony

2:40 PM Influence of Miura-origami shapes on skin friction drag in turbulent flows
Authors: Tony Zahtila, Leon Chan, and Andrew Ooi (The University of Melbourne)
Hosts: Gianluca Iaccarino, Mark Benjamin and Kimberly Liu

Suppression of acoustic instabilities in boundary layer flows
Authors: Lara De Broeck, Simon Görtz, and Martin Oberlack (Technische Universitat Darmstadt)
Hosts: Tim Flint, Carlos Gonzalez and Sanjiva Lele

Adjoint-Based Sensitivity of Shock-Laden Flows, With Application to Supersonic Jet Noise Reduction
Author: Daniel J. Bodony (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Host: Mark Benjamin

Novel Techniques for Source Identifications of Airfoil Trailing-Edge Noise Using Large Eddy Simulations and Wavelet Transforms
Authors: Seongkyu Lee and Dong Hun Kang (University of California, Davis)
Hosts: Davy Brouzet and Sanjiva Lele

Rotor Performance and Turbulent Wake Simulations of a Scaled Helicopter Rotor in Hover using Wall-Modeled Large-Eddy Simulation
Author: Zachary Stratton (Naval Air Warfare Center)
Hosts: Sanjeeb Bose and Jelena Svorcan

A new approach to LES of wall bounded turbulence using a fixed width filter kernel
Author: Sandip Ghosal (Northwestern University)
Hosts: Rahul Agrawal, Perry Johnson and Ahmed Elnahhas

3:25 PM Further Discussion


Coordinator(s): Thierry Poinsot, Kazuki Maeda, and Jonathan Wang

4:05 PM Joint experimental - LES design of low NOx hydrogen - air swirled injectors
Authors: Andrea Aniello (IMFT), Davide Laera (CERFACS), and Thierry Poinsot (CERFACS and IMFT)
Hosts: Kazuki Maeda, Hai Wang and Jonathan Wang

Characteristics and NOx formation mechanism of a 3D thermodiffusively unstable premixed hydrogen flame
Authors: Xu Wen (RWTH Aachen University), Lukas Berger (RWTH Aachen University), Alessandro Parente (ULB), and Heinz Pitsch (RWTH Aachen University)
Hosts(s): Kazuki Maeda, Hai Wang and Jonathan Wang

Investigation of the effect of conjugated heat transfer on the adiabatic effectiveness of an annular gas turbine engine combustor
Author: Michael M. Cui (Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division)
Hosts: Sanjeeb Bose and Davy BrouzetLocal

Criteria for Distinguishing Detonation and Deflagration under Pressure Gain Combustion Conditions
Author: Hossam A. Elasrag (Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.)
Hosts: Frank Ham and Hai Wang

Thermodiffusive Instabilities in Turbulent Hydrogen Flames: Development of LES Combustion Models
Authors: Lukas Berger (RWTH Aachen University), Antonio Attili (University of Edinburgh), and Heinz Pitsch (RWTH Aachen University)
Host: Jonathan Wang

Turbulence Interaction with Reacting Iron Particles: DNS and Development of Physics-based Subgrid Models for LES
Authors: Aravind Ravi, Swagnik Guhathakurta, Xiaocheng Mi, and Bénédicte Cuenot (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Hosts: Jonathan Wang, Hai Wang and Kazuki Maeda

4:50 PM Further Discussion

5:00 PM Adjourn