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CTRSP: Final Presentations

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Date and Time: 
Friday, July 22, 2016 - 08:00
Skilling Auditorium 494 Lomita Mall
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Parviz Moin, Director of Center for Turbulence Research

 8:00 AM        CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTHartley Courtyard

 8:30 AM        Introduction: Parviz Moin


                        Overview: Ali Mani

                        Presentations: Marcus Hermann, Vincent Moureau, Sourabh Apte

             Phase Interfaces in Compressible Flows                                                  

Two-phase volume tracking in compressible flows

Marcus Hermann, Ronald Chan     

Numerical modeling of shockwaves in biomedicine

Stefan Adami, Jakob Kaiser, Nikolaus A. Adams, Ivan Bermejo-Moreno  

Real gas effects in transcritical injection and mixing at high pressure

Stefan Hickel, Jan Matheis, Daniel Banuti, Chao Ma

            Particle-Laden Turbulence in Multiphysics Environments

Simulation of a reactive fluidized bed reactor using CFD/DEM

Yann Dufresne, Vincent Moureau, Matthias Ihme          

Why are sandstorms so shocking?

Mustafa Rahman, Wan Cheng, Javier Urzay

            Multi-Scale Statistics in Complex Turbulent Flows

Multiscale geometrical Lagrangian statistics: Extensions and applications to particle-laden turbulent flows

Kai Schneider, Marie Farge, Benjamin Kadoch, Maxime Bassenne, Mahdi Esmaily-Moghadam, Jeremy Horwitz

Turbulence and inertial effects in a porous Bed: DNS & Flow Analysis

Sourabh Apte, Bryan He, Ali Mani      

Turbulence in living fluids

Amin Doostmohammadi, Javier Urzay

  9:45 AM       Further Discussion


                        Overview: Gianluca Iaccarino

                        Presentations: Qiqi Wang, Richard Ahlfeld, Heng Xiao

                        Sensitivity Analysis using Adjoints

Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis of a reactive jet in cross flow

Taraneh Sayadi, Peter J. Schmid, Palash A. Sashittal, Ik Jang, Luca Magri

Towards a Chaotic Adjoint for LES

Patrick J. Blonigan, Scott M. Murman, Qiqi Wang, Pablo Fernandez, Luca Magri, Sanjeeb Bose, Georgios Rigas

                        Stochastic Simulations of Geometrical Uncertainties

Uncertain Flow Solutions due to Stochastically Varying Geometries

Jan Nordström, Markus Wahlsten, Gianluca Iaccarino

Uncertainty Quantification for Turbulent Flow Statistics Using New Insights in Sparse Polynomial Chaos Techniques

Richard Ahlfeld, Gianluca Geraci, Francesco Montomoli, Gianluca Iaccarino

                        Modeling Uncertainty Induced by Turbulence Closures

Reducing RANS Model-Form Uncertainty with Physics Informed Machine Learning

Heng Xiao, J.-X. Wang, J. Ling, R. Thompson, L. E.B. Sampaio, G. Iaccarino

Uncertainty Quantification of RANS modeling: Perturbation of the eigenvectors of the deviatoric part of the Reynolds Stress tensor

Roney L. Thompson, Luiz Eduardo B. Sampaio, Aashwin Mishra 

Predicting turbulence model discrepancies using field inference and machine learning

Karthik Duraisamy, Gianluca Iaccarino

Exploring Model-form Uncertainties in LES

Stefan P. Domino, Lluis Jofre, Gianluca Iaccarino

10:55 AM       Further Discussion

11:05 AM       COFFEE BREAK – Hartley Courtyard


                        Overview: Sanjeeb Bose

                        Presentations: Karthik Duraisamy, Peter Schmid, Scott Murman

            Subgrid-scale Model Development

Exploring nonlinear subgrid-scale models and new characteristic length scales for large-eddy simulation

Maurits Silvis, Xavier Trias, Mahdi Abkar, Jane Bae, Adrian Lozano-Duran, Roel Verstappen

Statistical Mechanics-based Closures for Large Eddy Simulations

Eric Parish, Karthik Duraisamy, Sanjeeb Bose

Second-order statistics of transitional and turbulent spatially-evolving flows

Armin Zare, Philipp Hack, and Mihailo R. Jovanovic

Subgrid kinetic energy based closures for buoyant flows

Stefan Domino, Curtis Hamman

            Novel Approaches for Wall-modeled LES

Dynamic model for the near-wall region based on reduced representations and system identification

Taraneh Sayadi, Peter J. Schmid, Curtis Hamman, Adrian Lozano-Duran

Towards low-order models of wall turbulence

Kevin Rosenberg, Theresa Saxton-Fox, Adrian Lozano-Duran, Aaron Towne, Beverley McKeon

Towards Real-Time High-Fidelity Simulation using Integral Boundary Layer modeling

Alexandre Marques, Qiqi Wang, Johan Larsson, Gregory Laskowski, Sanjeeb Bose

                        Complex Applications of LES and Numerical Method Development

A Comparative Study of Wall Models for LES

Prahladh Iyer, George Park, Mike Howland

LES of flow over the NASA common research model with near-wall modeling

Oriol Lehmkuhl and George Park

Extending the Dynamic Slip Boundary Condition to Variational Multiscale Methods Corentin Carton de Wiart, Scott Murman, Jane Bae, Adrian Lozano-Duran,

Sanjeeb Bose

Large-eddy simulation of roughness induced turbulent separation in adverse pressure gradient

Jongwook Joo, Mike Emory, Sanjeeb Bose, Gorazd Medic, Om Sharma

LES of shock-turbulence interaction using unstructured high-order DG

Koen Hillewaert, Jean-Sebastien Cagnone, Scott Murman, Yu Lv, Matthias Ihme

12:50 PM        Further Discussion

  1:00 PM LUNCH – Hartley Courtyard


                        Overview: Matthias Ihme

Presentations: Xinyu Zhao, Luc Vervisch, Laurent Selle

                        Fuel Preparation, Mixing and Ignition

Evaluation of subgrid dispersion models for LES of spray flames

Xinyu Zhao, Lucas Esclapez, Pavan Govindaraju

Characterization of turbulent mixing and combustion by inspecting Lagrangian coherent structures

Vineeth Nair, Luca Magri, Gabriel Nastac

Evaluation of optimal ignition placement using adjoint techniques

Ubaid A. Qadri, Peter Schmid, Luca Magri, Matthias Ihme

            Turbulent Combustion Modeling and Pollutant Emissions

Sub-grid scale modeling of the equation of state for fully compressible combustion LES

Guillaume Ribert, Pascale Domingo, Luc Vervisch

Including real-fuel chemistry in LES of turbulent combustion

Benedicte Cuenot, Anne Felden, Lucas Esclapez, Hai Wang, Matthias Ihme

            Combustion Instabilities and Noise Emissions

Effects of wall heat transfer on flame stabilization and dynamics

Abdulla Ghani, Thierry Poinsot, Lucas Esclapez

Analysis of combustion instabilities in a rocket engine at supercritical conditions

Laurent Selle, Annafederica Urbano, Daniel Banuti

Analysis of combustion noise in a model gas-turbine combustor

Friedrich Bake, Jeff O’Brien, Jeonglae Kim, Sanjeeb Bose, Matthias Ihme

  3:20 PM Further Discussion


                        Overview: Javier Urzay

Presentations: Daniel Bodony, Rene Pecnik, Stephane Moreau      

            Transition Physics and Modeling

Effects of heat transfer on transitional states of supersonic flat plate boundary layers

Mostafa Shadloo, Abdellah Hadjadj, Fazle Hussain, Sanjiva Lele

Instability and transition of a Mach 5.8 zero-pressure-gradient boundary layer over a thermo-mechanically compliant panel

Daniel Bodony

Symmetry breaking in three-dimensional wakes

Georgios Rigas, Luca Magri, Lucas Esclapez, Gianluca Iaccarino

Turbulent-turbulent spots, pipe and disk transition

Xiaohua Wu, Jinhie Lee Skarda, Adrian Lozano, Parviz Moin

Wall Turbulence Analysis and Control

Evolution of vortex-surface fields in transitional boundary layers

Yue Yang, Yaomin Zhao, Philipp Hack, Jeonglae Kim

Causal structure evolution in the turbulence cascade

Xiangsan Liang, Adrian Lozano-Duran

Turbulence modulation by variable viscosity and density

Rene Pecnik, Ashish Patel, Jurriaan W. R. Peeters, Bendiks Jan Boersma, Mahdi Esmaily-Moghadam

Separation control in a hypersonic compression ramp interaction

Anne-Marie Schreyer, Ivan Bermejo-Moreno, Jeonglae Kim, Javier Urzay

                        Noise Generation and Propagation

Laminar boundary layer instability noise

Stephane Moreau, Marlene Sanjose, Aaron Towne, Sanjeeb Bose, Sanjiva Lele

Prediction of supersonic heated jet noise using non-parallel asymptotics and LES data with Goldstein’s generalized acoustic analogy

Mohammed Afsar, Adrian Sescu, Vasilis Sassanis, Aaron Towne, Guillaume Bres, Sanjiva Lele

  4:45 PM Further Discussion

  4:55 PM  Closing: Parviz Moin

  5:00 PM        Adjourn – Please have some coffee at Hartley Courtyard!