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Staff and Postdoctoral Fellows

Parviz Moin   (650) 723-9713


Pamela Nelson Foster   (650) 736-0766


Name Research Area(s)
Javier Urzay Chemically reacting flows, multi-phase flows, compressible flows,
hypersonics, and high-speed chemical propulsion
Name Research Area(s)
Philipp Hack Computational and theoretical studies of transitional flows, stability analysis,
optimization, and machine learning
Name Research Area(s)
Michael Adler Shock/turbulent-boundary-layer interactions, flow instability, wall models for large-eddy simulation, Richtmyer-Meshkov instability and elastic/plastic deformation of material interfaces
Andrew Banko Magnetic resonance imaging, scalar dispersion, data-driven turbulence modeling, particle-laden flows, heat transfer, radiation transport
Quentin Douasbin Thermoacoustics, supercritical combustion, time-domain impedance boundary conditions and modal decomposition techniques for acoustic fields’ analysis and reconstruction
Lin Fu Wall-modeled large-eddy simulations of high-speed flows, and high-order numerical methods for complex flows
Zhu Huang Nonlinear stability analyses of shear flows and compressible flows
Jinah Jeun Computational aeroacoustics, flow stability, and reduced-order modeling
Perry Johnson Particle-laden turbulent flows, structure of small-scale turbulence, near-wall turbulence dynamics, and wall modeling
Michael Karp Flow instabilities, transition to turbulence, aerodynamics, and flow control
Adrian Lozano-Duran Numerical studies of wall-bounded turbulence and wall-models for large eddy simulation
Kazuki Maeda physics, modeling, and simulation of high-speed, multi-component flows, and their engineering applications
Shahab Mirjalili Numerical methods and physics of two-phase flows, electrokinetics in plasma regimes, and machine learning
Immanuvel Paul Fine-scale structure of turbulence, turbulence generated by fractal grids,
and heat transfer in particle-laden flows
Changxiao Shao Large eddy simulation of spray combustion and analysis of combustion noise
Name Research Area(s)
Frank Ham Large-eddy simulations and numerical methods for complex multi-physics turbulent flows
Javier Jiménez Physics and simulations of wall-bounded turbulence
Thierry Poinsot Laminar and turbulent combustion; simulation and control of two-phase reacting flows
and combustion instabilities