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Staff and Postdoctoral Fellows

Parviz Moin   (650) 723-9713


Pamela Nelson Foster   (650) 736-0766


Name Research Area(s)
Kazuki Maeda Physics, modeling, and simulation of high-speed, multi-component flows, and their engineering applications
Name Research Area(s)
Davy Brouzet Turbulent combustion, aeroacoustics and combustion noise, direct numerical simulations and large-eddy simulations of reacting flows
Hanul Hwang Multiphase flows, hydrodynamic stability, atomization, wind-wave interaction, numerical methods
Makrand Khanwale Numerical analysis, higher order methods, turbulent multiphase flows, and analysis of multi physics and multi scale systems
Charlelie Laurent Thermoacoustics, Turbulent combustion, Data-driven modelling, Deep Learning, Rocket propulsion, Reduced-Order Modelling
Shahab Mirjalili Numerical methods and physics of two-phase flows, electrokinetics in plasma regimes, and machine learning
Suhas S. Jain (Suhas Suresh) Multiphase flows, compressible turbulent flows, rarefied flows, fluid-structure interaction, high-performance computing, and quantum computing
Laurien Vandewalle Chemically reacting flows, multi-phase flows, modeling catalytic surface chemistry, multi-scale reactor modeling
Jonathan Wang Laser-induced breakdown, chemically reacting flows, compressible flows, numerical simulation
Name Research Area(s)
Masud Behnia Turbulence modelling, simulation of flow & heat transfer in complex flows
Mario Di Renzo Hypersonics, electrified combustion, interaction of turbulence with shock waves and chemistry, and numerical methods for compressible reacting flows
Frank Ham Large-eddy simulations and numerical methods for complex multi-physics turbulent flows
Javier Jiménez Physics and simulations of wall-bounded turbulence
Thierry Poinsot Laminar and turbulent combustion; simulation and control of two-phase reacting flows
and combustion instabilities