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Staff and Postdoctoral Fellows

Parviz Moin   (650) 723-9713


Pamela Nelson Foster   (650) 736-0766

Name Research Area(s)
Javier Urzay Chemically-reacting flows (combustion and plasmas); multiphase flows; subgrid scale modeling
Name Research Area(s)
Minjeong Cho Wall-bounded turbulence; shock-wave/boundary layer interactions
Michael Dodd Developing numerical methods and performing large-scale direct numerical simulations to improve fundamental understanding of multiphase turbulent flows
Lin Fu High order TENO schemes, large eddy simulations, MHD and multiphase flows, SPH and domain decomposition methods
Niranjan Ghaisas Eulerian methods for large-deformation solid-fluid problems, subgrid-scale modeling, wind turbine/farm simulations
Philipp Hack Computational and theoretical studies of transitional flows, stability analysis, optimization, machine learning
Zhu Huang Nonlinear stability of shear flows and flow control, spectral methods and radial basis functions method in Computational fluid dynamics
Thomas Jaravel Numerical studies of multiphase flow combustion, heat transfer and radiation
Lluis Jofre-Cruanyes Numerical methods for computational fluid dynamics and multi-phase flows
Perry Johnson Small-scale turbulence, particle-laden flows, and near-wall dynamics
Michael Karp Aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, flow instabilities, transition to turbulence, flow control and flight mechanics
Jeffrey Labahn LES of reacting flows and numerical methods
Adrian Lozano-Duran Numerical studies of wall-bounded turbulence and wall-models for large eddy simulation
Aashwin Ananda Mishra Statistical Modeling, Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning
Immanuvel Paul Fractal-grid-generated turbulence, fine-scale structure of fluid and scalar turbulence, numerical heat transfer
Aaron Towne Aeroacoustics, reduced-order modeling, hydrodynamic instability
Laura Villafane Experimental fluid mechanics; particle-laden flows
Name Research Area(s)
Frank Ham High-fidelity multi-physics simulations
Javier Jiménez Turbulent boundary layers
Thierry Poinsot Turbulent combustion