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Midterm Progress Reports

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Date and Time: 
Monday, July 11, 2016 - 08:30
Lane History Corner 450 Serra Mall Building 200, Room 002
Event Sponsor: 
Parviz Moin, Director of Center for Turbulence Research

8:30 AM         COMBUSTION

            Session Chair: Matthias Ihme

Combustion Noise Simulation in a Model Combustor

Friedrich Bake

German Aerospace Center, Berlin

Host(s):    Jeonglae Kim, Luca Magri, Jeff O’Brien

Inspecting Lagrangian Coherent Structures in turbulent combustion

Vineeth Nair, Luca Magri, Gabriel Nastac, Matthias Ihme

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Host(s):    Luca Magri, Gabriel Nastrac

Analysis of a Transverse Combustion Instability in a Full Rocket Engine Under Supercritical Conditions

L. Selle, A. Urbano, Q. Douasbin, T. Schmitt, and S. Ducruix 

French National Center for Scientific Research / Safran Tech

Host(s):    Daniel Banuti

Evaluation of optimal ignition placement using adjoint techniques

Ubaid Ali Qadri and Peter J. Schmid
Imperial College, London

Host(s):    Luca Magri

Effects of wall heat transfer on flame stabilization and dynamics

A. Ghani∗, D. Maestro†, M. Brebion, L. Selle, F. Duchaine and T. Poinsot

Fluid Mechanics Institute, Toulouse (CNRS)/CERFACS, France

Host(s):    Lucas Esclapez

Sub-grid scale modeling of the equation of state for fully compressible large-eddy simulation of oxy-combustion

G. Ribert, P. Domingo, and L. Vervisch

INSA de Rouen / CNRS CORIA, France

Host(s):    Matthias Ihme

Including real fuel chemistry in Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent combustion

Bénédicte CUENOT, Eleonore RIBER, Anne Felden

CERFACS Toulouse, France

Host(s):    Lucas Esclapez, Hai Wang, Matthias Ihme

Evaluation of the Subgrid Turbulence Dispersion Model for Spray under the Influence of Flames

Xinyu Zhao

University of Connecticut                                                                                                    

Host(s):    Lucas Esclapez, Pavan Govindaraju

9:10 AM         Further Discussion


            Session Chair: Parviz Moin
            Session Co-Chair: Sanjeeb Bose

Exploring nonlinear subgrid-scale models and new characteristic length scales for large-eddy simulation

Maurits H. Silvis, F. Xavier Trias, and Roel Verstappen
University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Host(s):    Mahdi Abkar, Jane (Hyunji) Bae, Niranjan Ghaisas

Statistical Mechanics-based Closures for Large Eddy Simulations

Eric Parish and Karthik Duraisamy

University of Michigan

Host(s):    Jane (Hyunji) Bae, Parviz Moin

Second-order statistics of transitional and turbulent spatially evolving flows

Mihailo R. Jovanovic, Armin Zare

University of Minnesota

Host(s):     Philipp Hack, Adrian Lozano-Duran, Aaron Towne

DNS of a turbulent buoyant helium plume using unstructured high-order low-Mach discretizations

Stefan P. Domino

Sandia National Laboratory

Host(s):     Curtis Hamman

A Comparative Study of Wall Models for LES of a NACA 4412 airfoil at near-stall conditions

Prahladh S. Iyer

National Institute of Aerospace, Virginia

Host(s):    Mike Howland, George Park

Assessment of WMLES in complex geometries

Oriol Lehmkuhl

Technical University of Catalonia

Host(s):    George Park

Extending the Dynamic Slip Boundary Condition to Variational Multiscale Methods

Scott M. Murman and Corentin Carton de Wiart

NASA Ames Research Center

Host(s):    Sanjeeb Bose

Large-eddy simulation of roughness induced turbulent separation in adverse pressure gradient

Jongwook Joo, Gorazd Medic, and Om Sharma 
United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)

Host(s):    Sanjeeb Bose, Jeonglae Kim

Dynamic model for the near-wall region based on reduced representations and system identification

Taraneh Sayadi and Peter J. Schmid
Imperial College, London / University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Host(s):    Curtis Hamman, Adrian Lozano-Duran

Towards low-order models of wall turbulence

Beverley J. McKeon, Kevin Rosenberg and Theresa Saxton-Fox
California Institute of Technology

Host(s):    Adrian Lozano-Duran, Aaron Towne, Xiaohua Wu

Towards Real-Time High-Fidelity Simulation using Integral Boundary Layer modeling

Alexandre N Marques, Qiqi Wang, Johan Larsson, Gregory Laskowski

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Host(s):    Sanjeeb Bose

LES of shock-turbulence interaction using unstructured high-order DG

Koen Hillewaert, Jean-Sebastien Cagnone, Laurent Bricteux and Scott M. Murman

Cenaero, Belgium

Host(s):     Yu Lv

Effects of heat transfer on transitional states of supersonic boundary layers

Mostafa Safdari Shadloo, Abdellah Hadjadj

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rouen, France

Host(s):    Sanjiva Lele

10:25 AM       Further Discussion                        

10:35 AM       COFFEE BREAK


                        Session Chair: Javier Urzay

                        Session Co-Chair: Sanjiva Lele

Turbulent boundary layer structure, pipe and disk flow transition

Xiaohua Wu

Royal Military College of Canada

Host(s):     Parviz Moin, Jinhe Lee Skarda

Instability and Transition of a Mach 5.8 Zero Pressure Gradient Boundary Layer Over a Thermomechanically Compliant Panel

Daniel Bodony

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Evolution of vortex-surface fields in transitional boundary layers

Yue Yang, Yaomin Zhao

Peking University, China

Host(s):     Philipp Hack, Jeonglae Kim

Causal structure evolution in turbulence cascade

X. San Liang

Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, China

Host(s):     Adrian Lozano-Duran

Turbulence modulation by variable density and viscosity

Ashish Patel, Jurriaan W. R. Peeters, Bendiks Jan Boersma, Rene Pecnik 

Delft University of Technology

Host(s):     Mahdi Esmaily-Moghadam

Separation control in a hypersonic compression ramp interaction

Anne-Marie Schreyer

Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

Host(s):     Ivan Bermejo-Moreno, Jeonglae Kim, Javier Urzay

Symmetry breaking in 3D wakes

Georgios Rigas

California Institute of Technology

Host(s):     Gianluca Iaccarino, Luca Magri

Laminar boundary layer instability noise:aeroacoustic or hydrodynamic feedback?

S. Moreau, M. Sanjose, and S. K. Lele

Université de Sherbrooke, Canada / Stanford University

Host(s):    Sanjeeb Bose, Guillaume Bres, Aaron Towne

Prediction of supersonic heated jet noise using non-parallel flow asymptotics and Large-eddy simulation data within Goldstein’s acoustic analogy

Mohammed Afsar, Adrian Sescu, Vasileios Sassanis and Sanjiva Lele
Imperial College, London / Mississippi State University

Host(s):     Guillaume Bres, Sanjiva Lele, Aaron Towne

11:55 AM       Further Discussion


             Session Chair: Gianluca Iaccarin                   

Model-Form Uncertainty in RANS Simulations: An Approach to Fully Explore Uncertainty Space

Heng Xiao, Jianxun Wang

Virginia Tech

Host(s):     Wouter Edeling, Aashwin Mishra

Uncertain Flow Solutions due to Stochastically Varying Geometries

Jan Nordström, Markus Wahlsten

Linköping University, Sweden

Host(s):     Gianluca Geraci, Gianluca Iaccarino

Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis of a reactive jet in cross flow

Taraneh Sayadi, Peter J.Schmid, and Palash A. Sashittal

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Host(s):     Ik Jang, Luca Magri

Uncertainty Quantification for Turbulent Flow Statistics Using New Insights in Sparse Polynomial Chaos Techniques

Richard Ahlfeld

Imperial College, London

Host(s):     Gianluca Geraci, Gianluca Iaccarino, Aashwin Mishra

Towards a Chaotic Adjoint for LES

Patrick J. Blonigan, Scott M. Murman, Qiqi Wang, and Pablo Fernandez

NASA Ames Research Center / Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Host(s):     Karthik Duraisamy, Ik Jang

Uncertainty Quantification of RANS modeling: Perturbation of the eigenvectors of the deviatoric part of the Reynolds Stress tensor

Roney L. Thompson, Luiz Eduardo B. Sampaio, Gianluca Iaccarino

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro / Stanford University

Host(s):     Aashwin Mishra

12:35 PM        Further Discussion


             Session Chair: Ali Mani

Two-phase volume tracking in compressible flows

Marcus Herrmann

Arizona State University

Host(s):     Ronald Chan, Lluis Jofre-Cruanyes

Multiscale Geometrical Lagrangian statistics: Extensions and applications to particleladen turbulent flows

Kai Schneider, Marie Farge , Benjamin Kadoch,

Aix-Marseille Université, France / Ecole Normale Superieure Paris, France

Host(s):     Maxime Bassenne, Mahdi Esamily-Moghadam, Jeremy Horwitz

Why are Sandstorms so Shocking?

Mustafa Mutiur Rahman, Wan Cheng

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Host(s):     Javier Urzay

Turbulence in Living Fluids

Amin Doostmohammadi

University of Oxford

Host(s):     Javier Urzay

Simulation of a reactive fluidized bed reactor using coupled CFD DEM

Y. Dufresne, V. Moureau, E. Masi, O. Simonin

French National Centre for Scientific Research

Host(s):     Matthias Ihme

Turbulence and Inertial Eects in Flow Through a Porous Bed: DNS and Analysis

Sourabh V. Apte, Xiaoliang He, Pedram Pakseresht

Oregon State University

Host(s):     Ali Mani

Real-gas effects in transcritical injection and mixing at high pressure

Stefan Hickel, Jan Matheis

Technische Universiteit, Delft

Host(s):     Daniel Banuti, Lluis Jofre-Cruanyes

Numerical modeling of shockwaves in biomedicine

S. Adami, J. Kaiser, and N. A. Adams
Technische Universität, München, Germany

Host(s):     Ivan Bermejo-Moreno

1:25PM           Further Discussion

1:35 PM          Adjourn