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Performance & improvements of wall-modeled large-eddy simulation for external aerodynamics

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Friday, October 9, 2020 - 06:30
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Parviz Moin, Director of Center for Turbulence Research
Dr. Adrian Lozano-Duran

The use of computational fluid dynamics for external aerodynamic applications has been a key tool for aircraft design in the modern aerospace industry. In the last decades, large-eddy simulation with near-wall modeling (wall-modeled LES) has gained momentum as a cost-effective approach for both scientific research and industrial applications. In this talk, we discuss current challenges of wall-modeled LES to become a design tool for the aerospace industry.  We focus first on the working principles and performance of wall-modeled LES for external aerodynamic applications, with emphasis on realistic commercial aircrafts. In particular, we examine the computational cost to predict mean flow features and forces for a given degree of accuracy using theory and numerical simulations of the NASA Juncture Flow. It is shown that current models might underperform in out-of-equilibrium conditions and we provide some tentative corrections based machine learning techniques.

Dr. Adrian Lozano-Duran is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Center for Turbulence Research at Stanford University hosted by Prof. Moin. He received his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid in 2015 at the Fluid Mechanics Lab. advised by Prof. Jimenez. The overarching theme of his research is physics and modeling of wall-bounded turbulence via theory and computational fluid mechanics. His work covers a wide range of topics, such as turbulence theory and modeling by machine learning, large-eddy simulation for external aerodynamics, geophysical and multiphase flows, among others.