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Research Data


The data files in the repository are the DNS statistics of fully developed turbulent pipe flow at Re_D=44,000, 24,580 and 5,300. The reference paper is X. Wu and P. Moin, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 608, pp. 81-112, 2008.

This data is available on Stanford Box via this link:

The data files located in this repository are extracted from DNS of the zero-pressure-gradient flat-plate boundary layer from momentum thickness Reynolds number from 80 to 3000. The inlet freestream turbulence intensity is 3%, and it decays to around 0.8% by the exit. The data include the conventional mean and second-order turbulence statistics, as well as the frequency spectra and dissipation-related statistics. The files also include long-sequence swirling strength images of the inner wall layer and the outer wake region. Two PowerPoint files can also be found.

The reference paper is X. Wu, P. Moin, J.M. Wallace, J. Skarda, A. Lozano-Duran, J-P. Hickey, 2017, Transitional-Turbulent Spots and Turbulent-Turbulent Spots in Boundary Layers, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, USA, PNAS.1704671114

This data is available on Stanford Box via this link:
The high-resolution long-duration movie is available on Stanford Box via this link: