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Towards the Best Practice in Wall-modeled Large-eddy Simulation of Heat Transfer Problems

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Friday, April 9, 2021 - 16:30
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Parviz Moin, Director of Center for Turbulence Research
Prof. Xiang Yang

The ambitious performance goals set by the aerodynamic as well as the turbomachinery industries call for more accurate, scale-resolving simulation tools. A viable path towards industrial-level scale-resolving simulations of flows at high Reynolds numbers is through wall-modeled large-eddy simulation (WMLES). This talk will discuss the best practice in WMLES of problems in which heat transfer plays a role, covering topics including the gird resolution, the LES/wall-model matching location, the low Mach number limit, and the turbulent Prandtl number. Special attention is given to problems at high Mach numbers. Our results will answer the outstanding question: why our wall model works well in the context of WMLES yet the temperature transformations that give rise to our wall model fail at collapsing data.

Dr. Xiang Yang is an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Pennsylvania State University since 2018. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2016. Yang joined the Center for Turbulence Research (CTR) 2016-2017 as a CTR Postdoctoral Fellow. At Penn State, Yang’s group conducts high-fidelity numerical simulation, builds physics- and data-based models, and finds efficient solutions for real-world engineering problems. His group uses many tools, including direct numerical simulation, large-eddy simulation, Reynolds-averaged Navier Stokes, and more recently, machine learning models.